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First Submachine Theory (debunked)Edit

First Submachine Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-05
Doubtful 2009-06-01
Debunked 2011-03-12

The first Submachine was built in order to tap into certain room and to copy the structure, grow and expand upon the structure, and to spread throughout the trans-dimensional pathway, tapping into other dimensions. Once the Roots of first Submachine tap upon the structure of other dimension, that structure will become Submachine as well and the Roots will blend over those structures and continue to grow, establishing connection with other dimensions. For some reason, the Submachines are out of control and continue to feed and grow like a virus.

Absorption Theory (doubtful)Edit

Absorption Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-05
Still alive 2009-06-01
Doubtful 2016-01-15

The reason you don't see any signs of human presence is because the Submachine absorbed their dead bodies. All of teams are dead because they either got lost or got trapped inside the submachines with no way out and no helps from Mur... ¬_¬ bastard... really! It's in the note! Mur abandoned the teams! I hope he have good reason for it...
and also, the teams said that they found their reason and purpose to live...
and the strange soul that I seen holding spectre...
and strange code machine that you blew up and leak blood...

I think when person died, their body is absorbed into Submachine and become certain type of machine to intergrate their functions to become the whole among other machines in Submachine Net.

It could make sense in Sub_1, 3, and 4.
Sub_3 is perfect trap for people to become machine after dumbfoundly or accidently traveled there. Mur, the player, and other uncertain amount of people could have escaped...
And Sub_4 idea expanded upon this idea.
Sub_2 doesn't really have this idea because ONLY Mur live in the Lighthouse and the machines he have there are what he collected from other Submachines and some he already owned.

Dimensional Pathway Theory (confirmed)Edit

Dimensional Pathway Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-05
Still alive 2009-06-01
Likely 2013-01-27
Confirmed 2014-11-05
Location in Subnet

I think they are designed as FIRST-ever dimensional pathway that lead to different dimensions within the planet Earth.
I dunno what went wrong since Submachine is out of control.

Have you noticed the way Submachines are structured? They appears to be more organically developed than built by our hands. In addition, they seems to thrive in the region of darkness that cannot be entered easily. Somehow the Submachines still have physical connection between lands where we can still walk about, possibly within different dimensions. In addition, Submachines could be the trans-dimensional pathways constructed to lead from one dimension to other dimension within same Earth, loooong before the portals were invented in about year 2000 (or year 1960-1970 if you count Mur's karma arm). Or... they were invented in 1970 with Mur begin traveling the Net in 1940.

People As Energy Theory (doubtful)Edit

People As Energy Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-05
Doubtful 2009-06-01
Still alive 2011-03-12
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Still alive 2014-11-05
Doubtful 2016-01-15

Submachine have the power to slowly drive the people mad with its Amnesia Power or something and once they're close to death, the Submachine will slowly transform them into White Energy. Once they died, the Submachine will absorb the energy.

Timestop Theory (doubtful)Edit

Timestop Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-05-19
Still alive 2010-05-26
Doubtful 2011-03-12
Still alive 2014-11-05
Doubtful 2015-12-15

Basically we see lot of elements of decay, erosion, and passage of time stewing about the Submachine. Death and decay is basic part of life and nature that involve change with passage of time basically a factor. Supposedly that the Submachine want to exist for all of eternity, it would want to stop the passage of time to prevent itself from further decay. We already seen element of control over time hinted by Submachine over and over throughout the series, especially the odd revelation in Sub_6 with Ancient Time Dial Room. If the Submachine would to have full control over time, it would simply exist just by its wills.

This will support both propositions that Submachine either have a purpose or didn't. To have control would make Submachine extremely powerful and would be one-step closer to its goal or would already achieve it (such as connection to my Dimensional Pathway Theory) or that Submachine didn't need any purpose, just to exist.

Building for the Fame Theory (doubtful)Edit

Building for the Fame Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-19
Doubtful 2010-12-29
Still alive 2011-03-12
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Still alive 2014-11-05
Doubtful 2016-01-15

You know that Submachine have its infamous origin: the Root being developed by an unknown scientist during 1900's. Mateusz stated sometime in the past that an unknown process triggered the growth and expansion of Submachine as we see it today. Many of us theorized that it was result of accident of some sort, but what if it wasn't a result of accident, but as result of intention? For what? Recognition? Control? Desire to prove something?


Let me explain it in more detail. The unknown scientist is pretty much unknown but he/she wanted to proved him/herself worthy in eyes of the world and thus begin the secret project of Submachine. Root was created and maintained until the scientist triggered the unknown process, transforming the Root into unnatural living entity that is the Submachine Net. While the scientist failed to gain recognition he wanted, it was because of widespread trouble that Submachine Net that overshadowed the reputation of this lone scientist. Submachine Net inflicted fears upon the entire world through manipulation and warping of time and space, appearing almost everywhere under ground and through dimension. We seen few hints about how Submachine Net is recognized:

  • citizens of Kent burying the Lighthouse when Mur discovered the "ruins" below ground, implying that the citizens knew about Submachine's existence.
  • Sub_5 computer note mentioning First Sub-Era. It sounds something like it from historical record
  • group of scientists from Sub_4 knowing about existence of a single Submachine, possibly the Root, even long after the abandonment of the Root.

Submachine may have been the very ambition that this scientist tried to proved to the whole world of his/her genius. While it may be successful to certain degrees, the scientist was left in the dark thanks to the widespread repercussion of Submachine's power to warp very fabric of reality around us.

Lightness + Dark Theory (still alive)Edit

Lightness + Dark Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Still alive 2010-12-29
Doubtful 2013-01-27
Still alive 2014-11-05

Everywhere we go in the Network, we see the seemly infinite Darkness surrounding the metallic walls and earthy crusts of the ominous Submachines. And no matter where we are in the Network, we always see Light, penetrating through the Darkness and revealing the machine’s confine to our eyes. But Darkness didn’t behaves like shadows and Light shone like a dim lightbulb.

So why are Darkness and Light like this within the plane of existence where the Submachines thrive? The answer may lies within a section that caught my eyes... Section 613 where ravenous Darkness eating into wall of the machine and the human-developed teleporter. Further observations revealed that despite teleporter supposedly losing one of its conductor orbs, it is still functional despite the teleporter being "eaten" by the Darkness. Remember: any teleporter must have all of conductor orbs to function.

This revelation led me to consider that this supposed Darkness isn’t really the type of darkness that we have grown accustomed to. This isn’t the “void” or the “shadow”, but instead it is actually the kind of amorphous matter that fills the reality where Submachine thrives. It almost like the concept of Space in which the reality is emptied, this reality where the Submachines reside is actually filled. Filled with Darkness.

This Darkness could be malleable solid or dense gas, but they’re always moving like water in constant motions within the always-active ocean. From my earlier observations, the Darkness isn't really eating away matters, but merely covering them in futile attempts to refill the anomaly of space. If some alien matters would magically teleported there, the Darkness would act to retake the space, cloaking and choking over this anomalous presence, trapping it within the Darkness for all time.

While it might be a very dangerous reality for anyone to disturb and attempt to navigate, Submachine saw differently. While it might be very difficult to accurately identify Submachine’s purpose, we can presume that the reality of Darkness is befitting to the machine’s motivations. The Submachine desire spaces and freedom for it to grow and function without unwanted interventions from humans, although the machines would still need a method of driving the Darkness away so they wouldn’t choke and hinder the entire Network.

The answer is Light.

Light may have been discovered to have the powers to drive away Darkness in order to create spaces. It is unknown if the humans or machines discovered this first, but Light is the most common (and possibly main source of) energy often found throughout the Network. Think of Lights as a regular sunlight, only immensely more powerful and can takes forms as energy, electricity, plasma, and more. They may be commonly found and preserved in storage/charging device such as Wisdom Gems and Coils and may be easily distributed throughout the Network via wires and pipes. Even if they’re dim and ominous, Lights are cheap and renewable, yet so rich and powerful, which is something Submachine could really use to thrive in Darkness.

With Lights as bountiful energy Submachine possesses, it can also be used as illumination devices to drive away the Darkness that filled the reality. We see this illumination all the time, either as seemly infinite supply of lamps or framed bulbs in walls or ceilings. Submachine could have also produced large volumes of Light like many small versions of Suns, casting illuminations onto machines without any definite light source and through cracks in walls of forgotten machines. This possibly serves as main defense against Darkness by creating large fissures of space for Submachine’s maintenances and sections to navigate. Using Light is what keeps Submachine's presences from being consumed by the Darkness so the machines can continue to function.

Wherever there is Light, the Darkness will be kept at bay, so long as the Light keep on burning.

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