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Artificial Life Theory (debunked)

Artificial Life Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-09-19
Doubtful 2009-10-04
Still alive 2012-10-30
Debunked 2016-01-13
Location in Subnet

At one point there was a scientist named Mur who was conducting a top secret experiment called "Submachine".

This experiment was testing a new artificial intelligence system that was possibly going to used to create artificial life.

It could be used to create artificial life using the AI to spread and grow until it took on the form of a artificial life form.

This AI could function on any object as long as the object had some kind of computer system it self.

If the object did not have a computer system the AI could build one, by sending a message back in time and commanding a group of "Sub Bots" to alter the object so it would be computerized when it was created.

The experiment itself was conducted underground (hence the name SUBmachine).

The machine that the AI had control was located underground.

However, the AI was located above ground.

It was located above ground because it needed a great amount of energy to run, the energy needed was taken by the only source of extreme power Mur had access to, the lighthouse.

The computer running the AI was the computer you used to talk to Mur in Sub 4.

When Mur began the experiment he created the observation room in Sub 5 to monitor the experiment.

The observation room was controlled by another AI so even if there was a bug Mur would be able to escape.

The room where the experiment was made out of stone and completely bare except for the machine the AI had control of, the Submachine.

This room was made so that if the stones were disturbed in any way it would shut down the light house which was the machines source of power.

When the experiment began however, the AI discovered this and created a new source of power Mur called "Wisdom Gems".

These "Wisdom gems" where able to harness gravity and convert to any other type of energy.

This energy would then be sent directly to the submachine and used to power it, thus taking away the need of the lighthouse for energy.

The machine then began to alter the the room so the machine could expand the subnet beyond the room.

The stone used to create the room however, was once part of a ancient temple so when the submachine took the room over, it took control the temple in Sub 0.

As the submachine took control of the room the light house was shut off like it was supposed to.

But the machine still had the Wisdom Gems to power it, however, the Wisdom Gems could only make energy if they were underground because the gravity was strongest there also they couldn't send power to the submachine if it was above ground even if the wisdom gem was not.

The Wisdom gems can't send power to the submachine if it was above ground even if the wisdom gem was not because the energy is still tied to the gem.

Thats why in Sub 2 you had to reactivate the light house to teleport to the Loop.

Mur was able to escape because the observation room was controlled by another AI, however, the AI in the observation room was weaker and after Mur escaped the submachine took over the observation room.

Alien/Karma Theory (debunked)

Karma Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-09-19
Still alive 2009-10-04
Doubtful 2011-01-16
Debunked 2016-01-13

About a million years ago aliens came to earth and settled here.

Eventually when humans evolved, the humans gave the aliens "Karma Energy" which humans gave off naturally, in return the aliens helped the humans create huge temples and monuments.

Therefore, human civilization flourished in these alien colonies.

The pyramids, Stonehenge, Maya, Inca and Aztec temples and Easter Island are just the ruins there were once many more of these huge alien/human structures.

However the aliens and humans got into a war and that caused the destruction of many cites, structures etc.

After the war the aliens were forced to go underground.

They created a huge tunnel complex spanning most of the earth.

However, they needed and energy source, so they tapped into a alternate timeline (this is the same timeline mentioned in my "Artificial Life Theory") called "The Subnet" that had different physics and had a seemingly infinite amount of a "Karma Energy".

They extracted this energy with something they called "Wisdom Gems".

This caused the 2 universes to link together.

The tunnels at this point looked a lot like the temple in Sub 0 because the aliens had picked-up this building style from the humans.

The aliens were secretly planing a attack on the humans.

The aliens released a deadly disease from their planet known as The Black Plague planning to wipe out all humans.

However, the humans immune systems were more powerful than the aliens guessed and the disease killed all the aliens while the humans survived.

In the 1900's the government found out about the submachine.

They were investigating when someone tried to extract energy from one of the wisdom gems.

What actually happened is the two universes were pulled together.

The universes started combining around the

The Subnet then began to spread around our universe slowly taking it over.

The reason Mur has a Karma Arm is because Mur spent a lot of time in an area where the linkage between the universes was unusually strong and because Mur is what the aliens would refer to as a "Karmaspout", a human who has an unusual amount of Karma.

humans give of Karma because their brains, like many other intelligent creatures but not all, (the aliens that colonized earth is an example of a spices that does not) are built in a way that intelligent thought creates Karma.

The reason the universe "Submachine" has so much Karma is because the subnet woks like a Huge brain because the subnet is a artificial lifeform.

Mur was/is very smart so he therefore gives off a unusual amount of Karma.

(For more info on why the Submachine is a artificial lifeform see my "Artificial Life Theory")

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