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Submachine origins theory (Invasive dimension) (unvoted)

Submachine origins theory (Invasive dimension)
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Submitted 2012-08-21

I'm here to explain the origins of the Submachine. Let's say the Universe where Earth exists is a dimension. The universe where The Submachine was created is another dimension. Let's call that dimension Omniverse. The Omniverse was populated by beings much superior in terms of intelligence and mind control than us. They had the power to manipulate the web of space and time. Then they discovered that their power was too strong and it couldn't be used freely in their dimension because it could destroy it. It had to be contained. Then the submachine came into existence. A closed room with Artificial Intelligence that could contain their powers and could allow them to conduct their experiments freely. By that time it was only a room. That room was indestructible. But a disaster happened:

An evil being of their kind used its powers outside the Submachine and created a black hole with half the size of the Omniverse. Then the black hole destroyed everything in its way and eventually it collapsed under its own gravity, taking the Omniverse with it. But because the Submachine was indestructible, it was the only piece of space and time left in the Omniverse. Realizing that there were other dimensions, the Submachine created a wormhole and traveled to the Universe, eventually crashing on Earth in the beginning of its formation. Millions of years later, when the Earth was formed and the human race had come into existence, a team of 4 men was exploring the Krubera-Voronja Cave, the deepest cave in the world, and they realized something was buried in a small lake situated in a room of the cave. They unburied it, and by curiosity they pressed a switch in the Submachine. It was a switch created by the Omniverse beings and to be used only by them to expand the Submachine in case they wanted to. But the Submachine, seeing that it was in the presence of inferior beings decided to expand to the infinity. And it started to expand til the destruction of the Earth, but while it expanded it took some humans with it. And the Submachine educated them, giving them knowledge, but with other purposes. In fact, the Submachine wanted to kill them and take them to the core so it could feed it, because the Submachine discovered the humans give power to it. Now the only way to stop the Submachine is to destroy the core. And the only way to escape the Submachine and leave peacefully on Earth again is making an Omniverse being inside the first room of the Submachine so it can create a new Earth for the humans inside the Submachine.

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