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Mur's Power Plan (debunked)

Mur's Power Plan
Theory history
Submitted 2011-03-14
Doubtful 2012-11-06
Debunked 2016-01-13

My theory is that Mur's plan is this:

1: Mur, as we know, is trying to get revenge on those who buried him.

Now Liz is going to warn them.

As he goes to the plan, he clearly has 3 elements: power, energy, and knowledge. This says the layer 5 is a fort for the people so they can use it like a shelter. Mur is going to attack with forces but he has to battle for it and it will clearly crush them with new technology; this will be a war.

2: If he wins, he will become king but will need to destroy the Submachine too and (I think) the 4 palaces (winter summer spring etc). This will be the new sub era; the era that Mur gets revenge and some new forces to destroy the Submachine. but I think he will get to other dimensions with more technology and he will be more powerful.

3: When he has more power he will going for the Submachine and powerful objects like the Submachine's mind (submachine data and knowledge), new forms of energy, Submachine technology, and new types of weapons.

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