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Mur AI Theory (debunked)

Mur AI Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-11-30
Debunked 2016-01-13
Location in Subnet

I made this theory to explain why none of the explorers have seen mur, and it states that mur is (currently) an artificial intelegence program made by the original mur who must have died somewhere in the 1950s.

the program was made to impersonate mur after he died, and to explore the subnet after he died.

this would explain why mur was so careless to peoples lives and sent them to their doom at the edge.

I dont understand the reason the program wants to invade the core, maybe it thought the sub-bots were limiting access to some areas and decided to find/destroy the core so the sub-bots will eventually run out of fuel and die, freeing up the locations the sub-bots were limiting access to.

the problem is, that the program had come to a stalemate and couldnt disable the defense systems.

it went around this by trapping/training people in the sub-net and sending them to the edge.

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