Theory of Revolt (confirmed)Edit

Theory of Revolt
Theory history
Submitted 2014-11-10
Confirmed 2016-01-13

 My theory is that after Sub6 the player fails to follow orders Murtaugh, to go behind him and the Elizabeth in the others Submachines, in Sub6 Murtaugh grateful that the player has disabled the defense system however tells the player:

"Your adventure ends here"

 Then after that the player is not satisfied with the decision of Murtaugh and begins to try to find it because her was that had sent the player to such missions and had not given any satisfaction, and will seek to Elizabeth because she also knew that this related to this. This is shown in Sub7 when a player goes to the core demand of them but it was already too late Mur had arrived earlier, and Liz had already fled, in Sub8 the player looks for them following the likely path taken find the tomb for them and they Sub9.

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