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The Scientists Theory (debunked)

The Scientists Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2012-10-19
Debunked 2012-10-25

A group of Soviet scientists are working in an underground bunker. Their mission was to get as much data as possible from captured secret agent from the West. They were given a subject: An enemy agent captured but driven insane by torture. After several years, they managed to get the subject to regain sanity using a top-secret program called the Future Loop Foundation,but she refused to cooperate. She no longer remembers her name, but was referred to as Sunshine Bunnygirl [no.17].

The scientists then target a Polish scientist who studied ancient scripts and perfected the art of inducing amnesia. They lured him near their outpost in Kent. However, there was and accident, and he lost his arm and got knocked into a coma. The group of scientist tried to revive hem but failed. Then they used him for the FLF program. He didn't wake up, but the scientists discovered unusual brain activity. The Polish scientist could wake up at any moment, but he didn't. It turned out that after he went through the FLF,the Polish scientist got split into two,i.e. developed schizophrenia.

There was the 'AI' half,which created an extremely complex hallucination based on memories, thoughts and ideas. The scientist imagination imagined an endless and spaceless area called the Loop, and also recreated places from memory, but distorting them like a lighthouse, the Versailles, and the temple where he found the ancient scripts. The 'AI's imagination went on to create the basement, the lab,and the lighthouse digouts, as well as distorting physics within the hallucination to create wisdom gems.

There was also a 'Murtaugh' half, whose name was derived from a childhood nickname. The Mur half had the personality of the original scientist, but not the memories. He could only remember the name he now called himself, and the fact that there was something more than the complex hallucination he called the Subnet. He spent much of his time exploring the subnet. But realized the only way out would be through another person.He found a group of people working in the lab,hoping to get out, but then realized these people were created by the AIs imagination, along with Liz.

The soviet scientist had no way of knowing what was happening within the Polish scientists mind.They decided to transfer the consciousness of Sunshine Bunnygirl into his mind. When Mur figured out that Sunshine's mind wasn't made by the AI he had the chance of waking up. Asking her to go to the loop.He hoped she would find a way out. He had already sent 4 teams of AI-created people to find a way out, but they failed. By now, the USSR was beginning to disintegrate. In an act of desperation, one Soviet scientist decided to transfer his consciousness into the Polish.He went through the FLF and into the mind.When he got in,he couldn't remember anything but solved the puzzles of the basement and lighthouse.

After arriving at the abandoned lab, Mur learned of the Soviet scientist existence and the fact that he is not a creation of the AI. To make sure he didn't die, the scientist was tested. After passing the tests, Mur made him a member of the lab. Murtaugh's new mission was to disable the defense systems guarding a cache of memories of the Versailles. From there,he would use his karma arm to propel him closer to regaining consciousness and killing 'they' (Ideas created by AI to kill him as the AI wants to eliminate any being which distorts the subnet further.

Ideas have already abandoned the area closest to the logic center of the mind, called the Outer Rim.) and finally regain consciousness. So Mur asked the soviet scientist to get to the Edge of imagination, disable the DS,and then ditch him and gather the remaining ideas(AI-people)and invade the core.

The AI now begins to develop a second personality, and if it does so before Mur can wake up,the new personality will control the Polish scientist's body. Final note,the soviet scientist is you.[SNEE is based on the travels of a random AI-person]

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