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Self Generating Theory-Submachine as an Organism Theory (the Origins of Shiva) (confirmed)

Self Generating Theory-Submachine as an Organism Theory (the Origins of Shiva)
Theory history
Submitted 2014-03-27
Confirmed 2016-01-13

Okay so this ones pretty short. Before, i had the notion that the Submachine was constructed along some master plan, that some creative designer was forming it. Then over history (or multiple histories across the many layers, there is no guarantee mankind arose at the same time in each) Human incursion, natural decay and expansion slowly ruined and subverted that plan so that it seemed nonsensical. But now looking back over the resent evidence (I.E. Shiva) i am starting to believe that the form was merely chance. I have a rough story here, so bare with me. At some point the plan generates itself( i know this sounds crazy) At first it's small like sub 1, just a few rooms, maybe a location. Then over time it expands, and because it is generated across dimensions(imagine a inter dimensional big bang) it is mirrored. Like a crystal having the same structure to it, no matter when and were it originates. Then over time it expands, gets more complex growing across time and space. Eventually it meets new conditions and mutates. The symmetry is lost as it pushes it's complexity. Eventually it develops basic puzzles and methods of linking locations. Then as we saw with the defense network it develops an immune system. Beyond this we have empty listing and observation stations(the eyes and ears) these are the organs of the Subnet, vast spanning things. This is where i believe the order to have come from. A form of law abiding chaos. Across multiple dimensions this thing develops (like a hurricane always appearing during the right conditions), But then it gets smart, starts to develop specific parts and functions. Out of this emerges the most important part, the soul.

In short I (we) were wrong in believing the Subnet was designed by someone,

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The Subnet was not planned by anyone, it planned itself. Shiva is that self, the soul of the Subnet.

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