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Unknown, possible part of a defense system

Artillery is one of the weapons that has been shown in the Submachine series. Artillery can be found in Submachine 8 in layer 6, as well as in the Submachine Universe in the quiet rooms.


Artillery is a military weapon used to fire powerful shells in far distances. Artillery positions include the cannon, a stock of shells, and artillerymen to load and fire. Typically stationary artillery is fired from long distances over the horizon. Artillery can be mostly seen in a fortress or a turret and artillery tower in the armory.

Submachine 8Edit

In Submachine 8, the location the player is located in at layer 6 is an underground bunker. Inside this bunker, an artillery piece is located. It appears to be based on the Big-Bertha German artillery from WWI.

Submachine UniverseEdit

In Submachine Universe, the bunker location is revisited, but the opposite room (which was previously blocked off in Sub8 is now opened. Another "Big Bertha" gun is found inside a three-room segment, which is a mirror image of the segment of rooms found in Sub8.


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