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The Dimensions Theory (debunked)

The Dimensions Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-10-19
Debunked 2016-10-25

A single dimension is a line: ____________________. It is only length.

The second dimension adds width. This dimension “layers” on top of the first dimension to give us shape: the easiest example being a square. This is the first “layer” in dimensions.

The third dimension adds depth, giving us a cube. This is the second layer and the dimension which we perceive living in.

The forth dimension adds time, which is really hard to explain. Basically: length, width, depth and “event” See: Wikipedia. Imagine a frisbie flying through the air. This is the third layer.

There are two main theories on the fifth dimension. The first, fifth dimension, adds gravity into the equation. At this point I’m lost and can no longer comprehend the mathematics. See: Wikipedia. The other theory of the fifth dimension is fits better with submachine and basically gives another dimension to time. “The fifth dimension, in Ouspensky's writings as I understand them, is the fourth dimension in infinite repetition. Here we can visualize it as the fifth dimension of space/time, in which the Frisbee solid (third dimension), moving along in time (fourth dimension), is repeated, or mirrored, in flights of infinite parallel Frisbees—infinite just as each of the previous successions in dimensionality are an infinite number of the previous dimension. But where do the infinite number of Frisbees come from? If we look at the fourth dimension of space-time as the first dimension of time—the Frisbee as a point extended to describe a line—we now extend that line at right angles to itself to form a plane, the second dimension of time. It seems to me that seeing the fourth dimension in this way leads easily to an idea of the fifth dimension, and one that is in line with quantum physics. If we see this tossed Frisbee as describing the fourth dimension, all other possible trajectories for the Frisbee represent the fifth dimension. This fifth dimension would then correspond to quantum physics' "superposition" in which, prior to measurement, a quantum system can be in any possible state or, rather, in all possible states simultaneously.” John Raithel Either way, this would be the forth layer.

So now, I’m way out of my league in terms of math, physics, etc… so I will continue quoting: “Finally, the sixth dimension of space-time, or the third dimension of time. The sixth dimension includes all possible expansions of the fifth dimension in space-time. Using the terminology of the three dimensions of time, the plane (second dimension), moved at right angles to itself creates a three-dimensional figure, but a figure in three dimensional time. It is actually a six-dimensional figure in space-time. We can see the sixth dimension as the solid of the Frisbee, so to speak, that is as the point (the Frisbee) extended in time to become a line, repeated infinitely to become a plane which in turn is repeated infinitely to become a solid. This represents what Ouspensky called "all possibilities", in this case, for the Frisbee. But it is not all possibilities for an apple. An apple forms its own point, and line, and so on.” John Raithel This is the fifth layer…

So basically, most of the submachine exists in the third dimension or the second layer. I think that the loop is actually in fifth dimension (fourth layer) and that we are headed into some pretty chaotic times in the sixth dimension - layer 5.

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