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4th Dimension Teleporters Theory (still alive)

4th Dimension Teleporters Theory
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Submitted 2010-11-17
Still alive 2012-10-30
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In the Submachine franchise we have multiple times visited places, who somehow, even though we appeared as visiting them in a short amount of time, seem to come from different timeperiods, and be in different states of time. If we look at the most common teleporter, (the one in Sub_4) we will see that it only has 3 axes. However, 3 dimensions only specifies length, width and height, whilst a fourth (4th) dimension would be needed to travel in time. How is that possible? In this theory i will do my best to explain.

In the most common belief, the first (1st) dimension is length, the second (2nd) is height, and the third (3rd) is width. Now, the more complex dimensions come. Read carefully. The fourth (4th) dimension is by many believed to be time. In the fourth dimension, a human would look like a snake, starting as your embryonic self, and ending at your deceased self.

Now, imagine a 2-dimensional creature. This "flatlander" would only be able to move in 2 dimensions. If we imagined "flatland" as a newspaper, a flatlander could instantly jump to anywhere, by folding the newspaper trough the 3rd dimension and going over the edge.

Now, the interesting part is, how would you move in the fourth dimension (travel in time)? The answer lies in the fifth (5th) dimension. If you imagine folding the snake through the fifth dimension, just like the newspaper in the 3rd. That way, you would be able to step over the edge and directly into the future or past.

A Submachine portal could very well work just like that. What it would do, is folding the 4th, and 3rd dimension in a way, so the present position would come right next to your destination.

Now, the weird thing is, teleporters only have 3 inputs, which would make it seemingly impossible to travel to a fixed point in four dimensions. I have not got any explanation for this absurdity, other than 4-dimensional locations, for unknown reasons, have been placed in a 3-dimensional grid.

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