Bamboo Town Culture

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Layer 7

The bamboo town culture lived in a village in layer 7. The were first mentioned in Submachine 8: The Plan.


L6 shrine sub8

The shrine made to commemorate the arrival of the goddess.

The culture lived in a village quite peacefully, when one day a woman came to the town when the gates were closed, likely with the help of a navigator. She then activated a sort of a beamer and disappeared again, which affected the people deeply.

The people mistook the woman for a goddess and continued worshiping her for at least 742 years, when a description of the event was nailed onto a stone slab on top of a mountain in the bamboo town.[1]


It appears the villagers have their own language that has terms the English language lacks.[2] Context of one such word implies it refers to the beamer or its general area.


“A woman came to our village”
— Unknown, Submachine 8: The Plan[1]


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