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A beamer is a device which first appeared in Submachine 8: The Plan.


Most beamers have two arms, which open when the device is activated. Upon activation the device shoots out a single green laser. Beamers have various different models in many colors such as red, brown and dark grey.

An activation lever and a power source are needed for most known beamers.


Beamer positions

The beamer in layer 2, both on and off.

Mechanical beamers (such as those found in the dock and the armory need to be hooked into potent power sources, such as a coil or external batteries. Keeping this in mind, most beamers have sockets for power plugs, although some have been directly connected to the wall.

Most mechanical beamers are activated by pulling their respective activation levers, usually located close to them. When the lever is pulled the arms pull aside and a green laser beam shoots out, connecting the user to the next layer or allowing access to another area with a layer.[1] Each model has its own unique way to shoot the beam.


  • The bamboo town culture worshipped a woman who used a beamer near their village as a goddess.
  • The beamer is similar in function to passage-machines in the loop.


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