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Mysterious Entity Theory (debunked)

Mysterious Entity Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-05-01
Doubtful 2009-05-11
Debunked 2016-01-13

Brief description – A mysterious (God-like) entity has control over the Subnet, causing it to expand and become trickier. It’s expansion progress has stopped due to the Defenses preventing it from growing. The entity chooses random people from reality and puts them against the Subnet challenge… ‘cause it thinks that it’s awesome for creating such a great challenge… it’s smug.

Location – The void in between parallel universes / dimensions. Anything beyond the walls of the Subnet, for example the basement section, all the visible walls, is endless nothing but still has gravity. Even if you fall off the edge of the Subnet you will fall forever and never meet the source of the gravity, maybe other parts of the Subnet but not the source of the gravity. There are still the basic laws of physics, however some things bend these laws, for example the ability to use teleportation, and some new laws are created like the fact that the bells make the little boxes float in Sub 1. The water that surrounds the ship, and the dirt that surrounds the light house, go on forever like the nothingness that surrounds the others.

Deception – Areas that look like they are out of the Subnet are in-fact still part of the Subnet, the lab for example is still in the Subnet and when (if you were there) you try to look at the other roof tops there would actually be nothing there, however this would not register as odd to you, you would just ignore the absence of any other buildings and assume that there were there.

Defences – The name “Subnet Defenses” is like Air Defenses or Land Defenses. Air defense is the ability to withstand an aerial attack, land defense is the ability to withstand an attack from the ground. Thus, the Subnet defenses are a resistance force against the Subnet. I think this backs Jack’s Expansion Theory as the Defences are placed at the edge of the Subnet, keeping the Subnet from expanding any further. Whether these defenses are actual weapon based defences, shield based or anything else is up for discussion. They may also hold something that the Subnet fears, which prevents the Subnet from expanding further.

Areas – There are many different areas to submachine that look completely different from each other. My (Sort of unreliable, incomplete, out of the blue and far-fetched) theory to this is that small cracks in reality, scattered about the universe, have opened up and closed with enough time to allow a few atoms to fall through. A mysterious entity (God-like) based in the void, who can read past history of things, read the atoms and created areas based on the atoms. And, Mur roaming around through portals can’t be healthy for the realitiess and thus may cause more things to fall through. This Entity may be the center of the Subnet and the cause of this entire hullabaloo. It also finds a small amount of enjoyment from putting unsuspecting humans into the Subnet and watching them trying to escape. If the people get stuck in the Subnet at a certain point then they remain there until they figure it out, however if they die then they either get absorbed, erased or put back into reality from where they were taken… only, they’re dead. This explains why people mysteriously disappear. If someone completes the puzzles from an area of the Subnet then they move onto the next section, and keep doing so until they get to the end of the Subnet and eventually escape back to reality. Then the Entity “resets” everything to allow the next person to attempt it, this is why everything is ready for you to do even though other people have solved it.

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