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Liz theory
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Submitted 2017-04-16

Liz was propably born in the 1880s in British Raj or in the United Kingdom but, she has ancestors from India. Since she is known to be a budist, as she has a wheel of Dharma on her desk. Meaning that she has ties to the culture from her home country. There is also a huge chance she has ancestors fron Hong-Kong. It is also British ruled, it has a major presentage of Budist people. That she is named Elizabeth has propably something to do with the relations with the two countries. She has propably parents who have something to do with diplomaty. I think one of her perants is Germanic due the fact she doesn't seem to be 100% Hindu. One theory I made back a while ago is that she comes from the Kalmyks, a Mongol folk living in Russia. If she was from a European place, chances are that she came from that area. She could have grown up in Raj or China and she could have moved to the UK since schools are better in the countries the colonies where owned by. I know this from personal stories and documentaries. Since Murtaugh is a master in sience Elizabeth met Murtaugh propably in a university or school form. But there is also a chance she did not even enter the subnet in the lighthouse. Due to the fact there are loads of cultures who are involved in the submachine, she could literly come from around the world. The chances are great that Murtaugh got tired and sick of many people like he did with submachine explorers in the school if that was the case, since he is a sociopath. So he left the place for the lighthouse. If Murtaugh knew her from a school in the United Kingdom, Elizabeth would recontacted later or stayed in contact with letters. In these times the student, teacher contacts where very different. I think Liz might even have had Murtaugh as a personal one on one teacher most likely if her famaly was rich. That is maybe where the note idea came from. In the early stages of the Submachine, Elizabeths relation witj Murtaugh was majorly different. Propably Liz and Mur got personal desputes because of the many explorers dying and being abandoned. After that Liz left for the core. After Murtaugh wanted to make a portal under the lighthouse. She warned him that it would rip apart the dimension and if he uses it he won't be able to return to the Core again. However, she did make a promise to take care of Einstein for Murtaugh, while he was away from the lighthouse. Later the player removed the defence system from the core so Murtaugh could invade the submachine. She left the place with an escape pod. Later she asked Murtaugh if she was "catched after all?" Murtaugh stated that there were 7 ansers referencing to the layers. After Murtaugh was confronted in the knot, he understood his mistake and fell to his knees, as Elizabeth comforted him. By doing this she warded off the attack planned for Murtaugh to be shot at gunpoint. Elizabeth explained Murtaugh's behavior to others and somehow a cult grew around them. After this Elizabeth became know as the Healer, the Mother and the Merciful, as depicted on her tomb. After this relations with Mur and Liz where way more equal. Elizabeth maintained contact with Murtaugh after he returned to the karma studies facility to find ways to undo the damage done by karma portals. She acted as a "ground" for reality for him, reminding him of the nature of the Submachine and how it too was trying to heal itself. Liz frequently reminded Murtaugh that he was only a part of the entire creation and therefore could not fix everything himself. She also made plans to meet with Murtaugh at the shrine regularly. At one of these meetings she and Murtaugh met the player. Murtaugh eventually succeeded in making a karma stabiliser to restore karma portals to their original state. After dying shortly afterwards, Elizabeth spread his knowledge of karma to anyone she could reach. Elizabeth eventually died as well and was buried in the temple, alongside Murtaugh, where she is believed to reside in the light of Shiva.

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