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A cluster is a loosely-connected group of locations that make appearances in Submachine Universe.


Clusters are characterized by the presence of one-way karma portals between locations. When using a karma portal, the user cannot immediately return to the previous location until he/she has cycled through all linked locations.

Developer Mateusz Skutnik has officially described them as such with the release of the cluster tied to the brainwave basement:

“One last thing:

If you'd like to know the name of the structure your locations are in, it's: cluster. In this instance it's the Jatsko Cluster.

Because it's not one location, it's four, and they're connected in a loop. Yeah, THE LOOP gets a new meaning with introduction of cluster loops.”
— Mateusz Skutnik, Pastel Forum[1]

So far there has only been one cluster found in the Subnet, the Jatsko Cluster, named after forum user Jatsko.

Sorting conventionsEdit

Locations connected in a cluster are accompanied by single-ended arrows ( → ) in their respective infoboxes. The addition of clusters necessitated a switch and delineation between single arrows and double arrows ( ↔ ), as there now is a distinction between one-way and two-way karma portals.

Clusters are categorized by their starting/ending XYZ coordinate. For example, the Jatsko Cluster "originates" at 438, then continues (in order) to jat, jko, and jsk.

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