Cog Trees

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Layer 3

The cog trees is the third-layer representation of the location in Submachine 8: The Plan.


This location is set in the ruins of some sort of building, made of a red material, in which some leafless trees have grown. There are many yellow bamboo shoots with leaves in the background. A complex mechanism has been constructed over the trees, using them as a support, consisting in a system of gears and wires, a circular lever and platforms with cogwheels below them. The mechanism is made of brass. One of the trees has ladders of this metal embedded into its trunk.

There is a ring post which has a rotating wheel that, when set in the right position (by moving the replica device correspondingly), reveals one of the balls needed to activate the beamer in this location. This beamer is on a tall rectangular structure made of the same red material of the ruins. The beamer itself is also red and fits well within the architecture of the location which seems to be partially inspired by Chinese architecture.

Below the largest tree is a pedestal with a hidden secret inside, reachable only from another layer. The pedestal can be broken with the hammer.


L3 map sub8


  • The capsule where a secret is found is a colored version of the capsule with the monster found in Daymare Town 3, another game by Mateusz Skutnik. In both games, the capsules can be opened using the hammer. The difference is that the one in DMT3 has depth, while this one is solid and has a flat surface where the secret is located.

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