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Destruction Of Space Theory (still alive)

Destruction Of Space Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2015-08-11
Still alive 2016-01-13

Simply put the space between locations in the subnet have been destroyed, and not in the mundane sense that there is just air or a vacuum between them, but that literally nothing exists between them not even the concept of space. Distances fall apart and break down in the way we know them and when space breaks down to that level, so does time.

Something strikes me as kind of odd in these games, in more outdoor locations than not, in lieu of a bright blue sky you just stare into the void , even in Submachine 0 where it looks like a sky we later find out that it was nothing more than a fake backdrop. This of course makes sense if the earth broke apart and we are only floating on chunks of dirt, there wold be not a significant atmosphere to diffuse blue light, but what there would be is startlight. the black sky we see is solid, not even the sun or moon is visible. This can be explained in three ways; One: The submachines exist outside our reality Two: There exists some sort of capsule around the areas or the submachine as a whole. Three: The light doesn't have a medium to travel through to reach the players eyes.

It is clear that Mur causes destruction when abusing his karmic abilities, "the third layer" is irreparable now, because of that fact this theory chose to rely on the third assumption. Murs karma arm allows him to open doors to other places. He can even move through the fourth dimension (no not time) to different layers of existence. He spends a lot of time in these higher layers, but the third layer was his playing grounds, it is where he spent his 32 years exploring the submachines, disregarding the teleporter and using his own doors most of the time which we have experienced when he left the doors open to use. Apparently the sensation is similar to breaking into a 1 dimensional life and cutting right through anything in your way. this method of travel is obviously very destructive to the area around the gate. most of the winter palace is simply gone. This presents a problem, where is everything? The karma portals didn't rip apart the palace, it literally destroyed the matter breaking the first law of thermodynamics, a reverse big bang if you will. which would obviously have a devastating effect on the fabric of space if it can remove matter. If you assume that removing matter and thus energy from a system would affect the fabric of space, for example; ripping an area in space, no space would exist and thus light would have no medium to travel through.

Obviously there are a few holes in this theory some might point out, for example how can you see separate entities in the submachine, such as floating chunks of earth in the distance. well the only assumption is that the submachine "growing" is actually just attempting to repair the damage done and mending the space between the areas, for a metaphor imagine cutting a hole in a piece of fabric and to fix it you would stitch the hole up. now imagine ripping it to shreds and mixxing it around, you could try to sew it back together but without some way of organizing the pieces you would just make a mess of miss-matched materials.

No Earth Theory (debunked)

No Earth Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2015-08-11
Debunked 2016-01-13

If you're reading this you are no doubt a lost and everyone in here. how long has it been since you've been home? I've been thinking about this lately and I think I've come to the conclusion that we aren't going home. I suppose I should rephrase that a bit, we never left earth to begin with. Let me explain.

As you've probably noticed, most people in these submachines don't remember much, whether this is some amnesia or just our memory is slowly degrading is irrelevant, no one knows how they got here except maybe mur. This is a problem because it leaves some important information out of our lives. I'm writing this as a supplement for that hole in our history. Essentially everything we see here wasn't made by the submachine, it was saved from destruction. When Mur started experimenting with his portals he ripped apart our world, it's thanks to the subnet that we have land to walk on still since Mur did so much damage that this is all that's left of earth. There's not much more to say on the subject, give up hope on ever going home, this is your home now; if you chose to believe me that is.

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