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Artificial Dream Theory (debunked)

Artificial Dream Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-20
Debunked 2010-06-29

We live in times, in which the technology is highly developed. {C Unknown scientists led us into the state of the artificial dream in order to check, whether we are fit to work in their lab. When we are sleeping, we are connected to a computer which inputs data about Subnet into our mind. Every location was made before the test. {C Scientists are checking whether we think logically. When we fail in solving puzzles, we die (loop), the dream ends and we are not recruited to work in the lab. {C Everything happens inside our mind. Our goal is to stop Mur.

Micro Theory (debunked)

Micro Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-20
Debunked 2010-06-29

We live in times, in which the technology is highly developed. {C Unknown scientists reduced us to microscopical size, erased our memories and put us inside Basement. Every location of Submachine is microscopical and was made by those scientists, that's why there's no one in Submachine. {C They are checking, whether we are fit to work in their lab. They have put notes in the Subnet, and when we are traveling, they are sending us information which allegedly Mur is sending to us. {C If we fail, we die (loop). And we probably won't find Liz, because she doesn't exist. {C Everything is only a test.

Karma Ocean Theory (doubtful)

Karma Ocean Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-08-20
Likely 2012-11-18
Doubtful 2016-01-13

I think, that Submachine exists in different dimension. Air in that dimension is filled with karma. Lighthouse in Kent and it's vicinities has karma in air too, but not as much as Submachine. That's why Murtaugh found out that he had karma arm. However, when Murtaugh used lighthouse to teleport, amount of karma in lighthouse increased.

When you breathe air with of karma, you start to lose memories. More karma in air = quicker effect. You can lose memories only one time, because after breathing air with karma, your organism is full of karma (but you can't use any power if you don't have any karma controlling power). {C Murtaugh didn't lose his memories, because he had karma controlling abilities.

Core creates wisdom gems and gathers karma energy, which can be also used as electricity to power devices such as portals, doors and computers.

Atlantis Theory (debunked)

Atlantis Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Debunked 2012-11-18

I have a theory explaining word "Submerged" in name of the games, however you will probably say it's doubtful (or debunked), but I don't care. It's just a theory. {C Do you know legend about Atlantis? It's about a highly developed civilization living in a city on the sea. The size of continent called Atlantis drowned after being destroyed by earthquakes. Or maybe not? What if inhabitants of Atlantis could use karma powers? What if they teleported their city to different dimension and lived there? It would also explain why there are Egyptian hieroglyphs in the SubNet. Ancient civilization of Atlantis would know some Egyptian culture. Now think - what is the best place to start your journey to submerged city from? Lighthouse, of course! But how did they survive without food? They were cannibals. For almost 2000 years they lived in different dimension and developed technology. But they finally died. And then some scientist found that different dimension and Atlantis...

Life Energy Theory (likely)

Life Energy Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-02-12
Still alive 2011-03-12
Likely 2016-01-13
Location in Subnet
523 ↔ npg ↔ glo

In Submachine 3: The Loop we have seen a green leaf. We had to put it on a special portal statue. I think that this statue (and other devices in the SubNet) is powered with life energy.

Life energy is the energy produced in cells and it's alternate source of energy in the SubNet.

The luminescent plants seen in Sub7 are the main source of this energy. In my previous theory I said, that I think, that air in the SubNet is full of karma. That's why the plants shine - they swallow karma during the process of photosynthesis. Karma keeps life energy in the living beings, such as plants and humans, so these beings can live longer.

However, karma slowly evaporates from objects that can't swallow it (wisdom gems are exception). That's why the leaf found in the loop didn't shine. We found it right after karma evaporated from it (and that's why it was still green).

I think that when SubNet swallows life energy from object, this object disappears. That would explain why we didn't find any corpse during exploring. SubBots bring the barely alive humans to the Core and "feed" the system with additional energy. Corpses disappear during the process.

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