Connection pod

Connection pod

Access the system

A connection pod is an item that allows the player to connect to the system terminals and the two portal prototypes found in the Edge. It is the main inventory item in Submachine 6: The Edge.


The connection pod is likely made out of the same material as the cube it is found within, which is steel. This cube can be systematically opened by entering an existing personal identification number (pIDN) on the first level of the Edge. The player must bring it to the Chronon in order to age the cube. After the cube has been aged, it falls apart, and an ancient connection pod may be taken out. The aging process can then be reversed, and the new connection pod is available for picking up.

The connection pod features a knobbed handle and a long slender needle-like portion which fits into a terminal.


The connection pod is used by injecting it into system terminals, which then takes the player into the system. The player can then enable/disable protocols and gates to progress forward.

It is strongly suggested that sub-bots carry connection pods or have some structure that resembles a connection pod in order to maintain the Subnet. The fan sketches of a sub-bot show this in location 100, though these sketches do not accurately depict what a sub-bot looks like.

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