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Mapping subnet locations
For more information on "layer coordinates", see layer .

Coordinates in the Subnet can refer to many different things, depending on how the term is used. However, the term is mostly used to describe locations that follow either an XYZ scheme (001, 245, 596, etc), Root scheme (552 + (0,1), 552 + (2,0), etc), Karma scheme (awy, jul, v12, etc), or Time scheme.

XYZ (aka lab portal) locations use a three-number system to map certain locations relative to each other on three axes.

Lab portals are known for their frequent appearances in Submachine 4: The Lab and in the Submachine Universe. From left to right, their numerical displays show the X, Y, and Z coordinates of a location in the Subnet.

Coordinates: ### (where ### is the XYZ coordinates)
Examples: 002, 596

If a location with an XYZ portal in the Submachine Universe leads to a karma portal location, this will be notified on the XYZ portal's page as such:

Coordinates: ### → &&& (where ### is the XYZ coordinates and &&& is the karma portal coordinates)
Examples: 128 → sbl, 966 → wiq.

A list of all known XYZ coordinates is given below.

XYZ coordinatesEdit

Coordinates Target location Game
000 Lab facility 32 m SubVerse
001 Research base Sub4, SubVerse
002 Rusty pit SubVerse
006 Stone loop SubVerse
010 Tri-gem room SubVerse
011 Clockwork corridor SubVerse
043 Second tomb Sub4, SubVerse
051 Ouroboros tunnel SubVerse
076 Road room SubVerse
100 Sub-bot research room SubVerse
103 Ancient ruins Sub0*, Sub5*, SubVerse
104 Ancient section Sub4, SubVerse
128 Subnet editing center Sub6*, SubVerse
157 Laser room SubVerse
185 Paired gem room SubVerse
192 Stone room SubVerse
218 Church SubVerse
232 Kent Falls room SubVerse
241 Searchlight room SubVerse
245 Cake loop Subverse
258 Nazca room SubVerse
277 Radio lab SubVerse
291 Sanctuary Sub7*, SubVerse
304 Lighthouse basement Sub2*, SubVerse
314 Pi room SubVerse
316 Winter room SubVerse
317 Mover room SubVerse
355 Murtaugh's communication room SubVerse
378 Ziggurat SubVerse
399 Stalagmite room SubVerse
404 Error room SubVerse
411 Escher room SubVerse
442 Pit SubVerse
452 Statue Sub4, SubVerse
461 Sewers Sub2*, SubVerse
462 Lighthouse digouts Sub4, SubVerse
472 Listeners room SubVerse
523 Ionic portal hub SubVerse
529 Basement section Sub4, SubVerse
541 Observation center SubVerse
550 Lighthouse dungeon Sub2*, Sub5*, SubVerse
551 Brick room Sub4, SubVerse
552 Root base Sub5, SubVerse
553 Root extension Sub5*, SubVerse
555 Violet loop SubVerse
580 End ruins SubVerse
596 Annex Sub4, SubVerse
601 Zero depths Sub0*, SubVerse
613 Left chasm SubVerse
614 Right chasm SubVerse
628 Study SubVerse
642 Clockwork room SubVerse
666 Hell SubVerse
672 New basement SubVerse
690 Looping traps Sub4, SubVerse
712 Watch station SubVerse
728 Lucky room Sub4, Sub5*, SubVerse
731 Escape from Jay Is Games room SubVerse
747 Corridor Sub5, SubVerse
757 Turret trap Sub6*, SubVerse
770 Tomb trap Sub4, SubVerse
777 Barracks SubVerse
800 Ship Sub4, SubVerse
806 Cliffs SubVerse
815 Lost plane SubVerse
837 UVB-76 room SubVerse
859 Collector's room SubVerse
875 Prison cells SubVerse
888 Cube loop SubVerse
902 Vista SubVerse
917 Looping sphere SubVerse
923 Solitary confinement SubVerse
947 Gem harvester SubVerse
966 Altar SubVerse
987 Broken clock room SubVerse
992 Excavation site SubVerse

Root (aka transporter, cipher) locations use a two-coordinate system that shows different areas accessed from a single three-digit coordinate. The transporter acts as a hub for installing various cipher plates that teleport the player to different sub-locations based on the combination of plates used.

The only confirmed existence of Root locations is in Submachine 5 where only two plates (known as plate 1 and 2) are used. Therefore such locations like (0,1), (2,1), and (1,0) can be obtained. On each individual location page the coordinates are given as such:

Coordinates: ### + (%,%) (where ### is the hub location and (%,%) is the combination of cipher plates used. 0 represents no plate, 1 represents plate #1, 2 represents plate #2, etc)
Examples: 552 + (0,0), 552 + (1,2)

Root coordinates have been confirmed for locations within 552; however other locations contain transporters as well. All hub locations like 552 will use notation similar to those of XYZ coordinates, substituting the "+" for "→" to make something like: 552 → (0,0), 552 → (1,2), etc.

A list of all known root transporter coordinates is given below.

Root coordinates (relative to 552)Edit

Coordinates Target location Game
552 + (0,0) Root base Sub5
552 + (0,1) Charger room Sub5
552 + (0,2) Symbol room Sub5
552 + (1,0) Citric acid room Sub5
552 + (2,0) Lighthouse dungeon (Sub2), Sub5
552 + (1,2) Metal box room Sub5
552 + (2,1) Ancient room (Sub0), Sub5

Karma (aka karma portal) locations are accessed by a karma portal and are typically given 3-letter "coordinates". However since these coordinate codes are not randomly made (they are labeled based on notable names/content in that location) the coordinates are not indicative of true relative spatial coordinates. However each page for karma portal locations pairs this 3-letter identification with the XYZ location from which the KP location was accessed (to provide information on location connections). The karma portal locations are labeled as such:

Coordinates: ### + &&& (where ### refers to the respective XYZ location and &&& refers to the karma location specifically)
Examples: 128 + sbl, 966 + wiq

A list of all known karma coordinates is given below.

Karma coordinatesEdit

Coordinates Target section Submachine
731 + awy Dimensional tomb Sub9*, SubVerse
461 + brk Watcher's outpost SubVerse
411 + btn Lustrous ladder SubVerse
806 + cat Resin room SubVerse
104 + chm Stele's chambers Sub32*, SubVerse
001 + chr Snow room SubVerse
462 + fma Light bridge SubVerse
614 + glx Observatory SubVerse
378 + hpl Photographer's quarters SubVerse
043 + ixt Ixtab's chambers Sub32*, SubVerse
001 + jul Contrast room SubVerse
552 + kar Gate sewer Sub8*, SubVerse
103 + kol Resin temple SubVerse
731 + lcr Pyramidion Sub9*, SubVerse
051 + mlp Pony room SubVerse
291 + mnt Mountain SubVerse
104 + ott Lamp tunnel SubVerse
378 + hpl + oxt Small island Sub7*, SubVerse
192 + ptl Cake room SubVerse
404 + rcr Watchtower SubVerse
128 + sbl Rabbit hole Sub0*, SubVerse
258 + v12 Lattice room SubVerse
966 + wiq Quiet rooms Sub2*, Sub4*, Sub6*, Sub8*, SubVerse
442 + wtr Spike room SubVerse
232 + zwo Tree trunk section Sub7*, SubVerse

Games marked with a * show either the location in a main game with different coordinates, or a location similar to one found in the main game.

Games with a () mark locations conjoined with locations from other games.

Where do karma portal coordinates come from?Edit

See the talk page for tips on how to find karma portal coordinates.

No methods for organizing locations by time have been hinted at in the Submachine games so far.

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