Crimson key

Crimson key

Unlock door

The crimson key is an item found in the corridor (747) in Submachine Universe.

Function and historyEdit

The crimson key has a bright red color, and its head is round with a hole in it.

The key was found in the corridor in a small recess in the place where the Sector 1 Maintenance Cart once resided. It was then taken to the other end of the area and used to open a door.

The key was added to Submachine Universe when the corridor was released with the first batch of locations, on June 8th 2010.

  • The key in the socket...
  • taken out of the recess...
  • ...and finally it goes to the door.


  • "Crimson" may be a reference to Crimson Room, another flash game Mateusz Skutnik likes.

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