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Epicenter Theory (debunked)

Epicenter Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-06-26
Still alive 2009-07-18
Debunked 2009-12-06

I think that the Loop is one of the main obstacles in the subnet. I base this idea off of what Mur has told us- that something went wrong after the Lighthouse, and we managed to escape from the Loop. In fact, the Loop was the only area in the subnet that we were really trying to escape from; the others, we were simply trying to explore.

The Loop was not built by human hands- that much is certain. The Loop is, according to Mur, boundless and space-less. It has no beginning nor end. Since no human could have created this, it must have been created by an AI. (The details of the creator of the Loop, and possibly the entire subnet, are best left for another theory.)

In any event, what must be answered is the question of why the Loop is so important. I have already said that the Loop is a separate type of submachine from all the others. This is how I envision the Loop:

The Loop itself, being timeless and space-less, doesn't exist in the real world, as the other submachines do. Rather, the Loop exists only in your mind. After you exited the lighthouse by using the karma portal (created by Mur), you should have immediately ended up at the Lab, although you didn't. Instead, you envisioned that you were being transported to the Loop, and you had to escape the Loop, in your mind, to arrive at the Lab in the real world.

Thus, the Loop is the epicenter of the subnet, because it stood in the way of our progress, from the Lighthouse to the Lab. If it had succeeded, we would not have been able to get to the Lab or achieve anything else beyond the Lighthouse.

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