Defense System Entrance

Defense system entrance


The defense system entrance is an area in Submachine 6: The Edge.


The player passes through this area in order to access the rest of the defense system in Submachine 6.


Elevator sub6 vertical

The elevator in this area.

Being between the tunnels and the defense system corridors, this area has a floor of stone and a ceiling made of the corridors. The floor contains pipes leading to various rooms in the tunnels. The ceiling contains ventilation fans and four large circular lights. The middle portion contains a keycard stand that calls an elevator which leads to Area 5 and Area 8. Tubes and wires, like those found in the S.H.I.V.A. access point but colored gray, hang in the background. Some of the tubes are thick and corrugated, and they hang next to slender wires. The ground drops off steeply to the left and the right.


Defense system entrance map

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