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Tearing Effect Theory (unvoted)

Tearing Effect Theory
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Submitted 2016-08-02

Now as we all know the situation where when Karma portals are placed, they bridge a gap between two spaces in the universe (see Diagram A), but they also disintegrate the environment they are in. This has been accepted as a splinter in that dimensional space, a crack that becomes a hole blah blah blah etc. But I considered alternatives, such as this: perhaps the portals are pulling the environment with them as they move v e r y s l o w l y towards each other (see Diagram B).

As the portals technically shouldn't exist, the universe is trying to connect the two portals together to bridge the gap between both portals. Also since you can't stretch environments of stone, brick and metal, they don't stretch but instead crack and splinter and break up. DeleteTheSubCore theory image

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