Outside the subnet

The desert is located just outside the lighthouse. It serves as the final location and ending of Submachine 10: The Exit and, by default, the main Submachine series. It is where the player meets the living versions of Murtaugh and Elizabeth as well as Einstein.


The desert makes up the area surrounding the buried lighthouse. A tall flag post with five orange flags is erected right outside the lighthouse.

To the right, a tall stone shrine is buried in the sand. The shrine has an entrance toward the top, below a pointed spire. Another flag post is buried here, with five dark green flags. A light green banner bearing the unidentified Submachine logo is also located here. Einstein sits on the shrine looking to the left.

Three camels with harnesses stand to the left of the shrine. Elizabeth and Murtaugh sit on top two of them.


This area exhibits the result of the burying of the lighthouse, which is described here in a forum post by Mateusz Skutnik.


This map has been scaled down from its original size in a 1920 x 1080 full screen. Minor edits have been made because the dust clouds, pyramids, moons, and sand move independently of each other during the outro sequence. Desert map


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