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The Project Theory (doubtful)

The Project Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-11-30
Doubtful 2016-01-15
Location in Subnet

In this theory, the Submachine as a whole is a project that has been lost. Mur then had an incident in Kent, that triggered a Karma arm. The Karma arm is the key to reopen the lost project. Perhaps this was the only way that one could get into the so-called SubNet -- before.

The SubNet as it is itself, already had portals, but no locations or coordinates were written. And they were powered by Wisdom Gems, which Mur found at various areas of the Net. The puzzles are like passwords in between, so no one else would accidentally come in.

Now, after some years, Mur has mastered creating portals himself in between different locations of the SubNet. He put different coordinates too, so remembering locations was much easier. The SubNet was larger than he'd imagine. Especially when he found out about an unstable area which he called the Loop. It seemed to be a test run for the project. It didn't need a Wisdom Gem to get you out, it used a piece of what was once a living organism that found its way inside that timeless space. He only found out how to get out by chance.

So he seeked help in exploring the Net. He organized teams to help him explore. He was the only one who knew the Net the most, but somehow, the Net just wouldn't let him explore it anymore. Perhaps he was detected by it, from making those portals. And the whole area didn't want him out anymore, or anyone to be exact. He didn't know that the project was truly intended to be a secret. So people started losing their way in various places. And they just simply disappeared in some instances, but for some reason, it just couldn't find Mur. So it simply put a defence system for itself, so at least Mur cannot come out. The defence systems are at the edges of the Net.

The defense system can detect Mur, but it cannot detect a normal human. At least without disturbing it. If that defense system is handled properly, it can be taken down.

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