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Internet Subnet Theory (debunked)

Internet Subnet Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2011-05-05
Still alive 2011-05-12
Doubtful 2012-11-18
Debunked 2016-01-13

Hello Everyone. I have started playing the submachine series recently and after completing the Sub 7, I had a thought. The entire unreal-reality of the game reminded me a lot of the way the internet works. It is as though the Submachine IS really a Subnet, and what you are seeing and experiencing is a series of script and buttons that lead you to other sites, it is "huge" and "timeless" like the internet, but some laws apply because it is perceived by human beings. It needs to be perceived by human beings. SO that could explain why there are no bodies left behind by the explorers...they weren't there physically. It is like a forum...with old and new posts that you can revisit, copy, edit ect.

I think Mateuz is just being cleverly and sarcastically honest with the Submachine series. I think that it is literally what it means...A machine within the machine. And that machine is language.

Also just to say something about an old thread concerning some of Mur's notes in Sub7.

"Don't believe in his lies" (or something like that)

I think again that Mateusz is referring to him self...warning us not to believe in all the little exciting lies he adds to the game in order to make us more excited, intrigued or even cause us to construct all these theories about secrets.

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