Float Engine

Float engine

Game engine
Game engine for the Submachine series
Mateusz Skutnik

The float engine (also called the float[1]) is a game engine created by Mateusz Skutnik that runs many of his games. It is written in ActionScript 2[1].

All of the Submachine games in their online version from 2008 onward, as well as all of the HD versions, are written in the float engine. The games before then were written in engines that were Mateusz' experiments leading up to this engine.


The game window consists of a square screen (of 300x300 px in the online versions of Submachine; resizable in the HDs) where the main game scene is shown, and an inventory below the screen.

The items collected throughout the game appear in the inventory in an ordered fashion, as well as their description when the player hovers their mouse over them. The player can use the items by first clicking on them, and then clicking on the game scene where they are to be used. This is unlike the inventory in the original online version of Sub2, which requires dragging and dropping. The inventory also supports item combination (as seen in Submachine 9 and Submachine 10), and storing of identical items, among other things.


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