Fluorescent Plants

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“Anyone who seeks peace and calmness will find it under the leaves of Our blessed florae”
— The King

Fluorescent plants (also called blessed florae) are pieces of flora inside the Submachine Network. They were first encountered during Submachine 7: The Core.


It seems that the original plants (or maybe even these exact ones) were planted to the South Garden by the King after it was built in 1832.

The King wished that these plants would create a place to calm down in.



Close up on pieces of fluorescent flora.

Fluorescent plants and creatures generally evolve in places with no or little light, such as underground rivers and the deep sea. There is a protein called aequorin, which emits blue light when it comes into contact with Ca2+. Aequorin is however usually found in luminescent species of jellyfish.

There are multiple types of fluorescent vegetation in the area. Most likely their fluorescence is analogic, which means they share no common ancestry, but instead, their environment enforced this path of evolution in each lineage[1]. Another possibility is that these plants and mushrooms are products of systematic genetic manipulation.

Also, and this option is most likely, it is possible to create a karmic plant by watering it with karma infused water[2].

Fluorescent grassEdit

Fluorescent grass

Fluorescent grass


There is a species of grass or hay that illuminates. It is quite fragile and will start moving even from the air currents caused by our mouse. These grasses apparently grow on soil and on rocks. However, they seem to grow better on rocks than on soil.

These pieces of flora are the most common, and they have spread all across South Garden.

Fluorescent fungiEdit

Fluorescent fungi

Fluorescent mushrooms


There are multiple small mushrooms growing in the Winter Palace. It seems that these mushrooms only thrive in rocky areas, as they can't be seen in the Sanctuary.

Along with fluorescent grass, this is by far the most common type of fluorescent flora, although mushrooms aren't actually part of the kingdom of plants (Plantae) but a kingdom of their own (Fungi).

In the secret section, it is revealed that these mushrooms are a tribute to Amanita Design, an independent Czech game developing studio.

Fluorescent vines of the South GardenEdit

Fluorescent vines

Fluorescent vines


In the South Garden many hanging vines can be seen attached to the levitating plates. These vines glow more dimly than other plants or fungi.

These haven't been seen growing leaves, although this might be just from them badly adjusting to their environment.

Fluorescent vines of the SanctuaryEdit

Fluorescent vines

Fluorescent plants


Fluorescent vines that were seen it the Sanctuary crawl on walls and the ground and grow leaves every once in a while. This vines' leaves are thicker and wider compared to the grass, and they don't move as easily. In the Sanctuary many stages of growth can be seen for these vines.

It does seem to only thrive in the Sanctuary, even taking over the most of it, while it can't be found anywhere else in the gardens.

Fluorescent treesEdit

Fluorescent trees

Glowing tree


One tree with fluorescent leaves was seen in the South Garden. The bark of the tree did not glow, unlike the leaves. The leaves were similar in shape to the green leaf.

If the big tree seen was of the same species as the smaller one, these trees can grow into huge diameter, even in the lack of sunlight.

Fluorescent spruceEdit

Fluorescent spruce

Seasons greetings 2010


All the needles of the spruce tree are fluorescent, similar to the leaves of the trees, while the bark is greyish, and the trunk appears to be twisted.

It was first introduced in Mateusz Skutnik's holiday greeting, and later it became a location in Submachine Universe with the mysterious coordinates: chr.


  1. Fungi and plantae are very distant relatives, evolved in the beginning of times. Thus it is really unlikely that all of these different lifeforms have developed from one ancestor
  2. A note found in the plant research centerin Submachine Universe