Forcefield Emitter

Forcefield emitter

Blocks humans from entering an area

The forcefield emitter is a machine used by the members of the research base to create forcefields.


Code card

Code card.

The main unit of this machine is a lamp that has been installed into a curved rack. The lightbulb inside glows blue and emits a barrier that is impenetrable for humans. However, inanimate objects such as steel rods and pieces of marble can make it through the forcefield intact.

291 power unit

The power source in the sanctuary.

Another part of the forcefield device is a control panel unit. However, to use this control panel a code card must be set in place. Along with some other buttons, the panel has one big switch which can be used to turn the forcefield on and off. It also has a screen with blue writing in it but it is undecipherable and not seen in close view.

Forcefield control unit

The control unit.

The control panel also seems to work as a temporary energy source for the barrier, as one was left on in Liz's ship. The lightbulb of this particular emitter, however, exploded when the forcefield was turned down. The first emitter encountered had a special power source with a glowing blue coil, which could be why it did not break.

A similar device is seen on the rooftop in Submachine 10: The Exit. It is controlled by an item called a force field plasma canister, which might act as a portable power source.


  • A very similar device to the forcefield emitter was found in Mateusz Skutnik's game Covert Front 4.

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