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A fuse is a recurring item found throughout the Submachine series. It is used to solve puzzles and bypass obstacles.


A fuse is an intentionally weak spot in a power network that will break if an energy spike hits the network, to prevent fires and similar accidents.

Submachine 1: The BasementEdit

Fuse sub1 The fuse in Submachine 1 is used to power the electrical box on the wall, which will open the way to receive Tile 4. It is initially hidden in a chest, which can be opened using the code found on an ancient coin.

Submachine 2: The LighthouseEdit

Fuse sub2 In Submachine 2, the fuse is one of several components that power the lighthouse portal. It is found in the digout on the first floor.

Submachine 8: The PlanEdit

Fuse sub8 In Submachine 8, the fuse powers the beamer in the large sewers. It is found in an outlet at the dock.

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

Submachine 10 features four styles of fuses, including two from previously visited places:

  • Bottle fuse The bottle fuse is one of the first items the player collects upon arriving at the Northern Garden docks, being dropped from a dispenser when a ship ID number is inserted. It is used to power up the captain's ship, allowing full access to almost any room on board.
  • Karma fuse Four karma fuses are hidden within the storage rooms of the royal storage facilities, and collectively are used to unlock a loop stabiliser in storage unit 32/1.
  • Fuse sub1 The fuses from Submachine 1 return when the basement is revisited, except this time all four of them are collected. Each one is used at a special terminal at the tunnels, meditation temple, karma studies facility and storage unit 33/3, allowing access to the empty karma stabiliser at the angel ruins when all four are inserted.
  • Fuse sub2 The lighthouse fuse is the same fuse seen at the end of Submachine 2, and is used at the cliffs to unlock the portable light crown converter.

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