Fuse Machine

Portal stabiliser holder

Hold fuses to open portal stabiliser holder (pictured)

The fuse machines are devices appearing in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The fuse machines are four large metal canisters ("transmitters") with an antenna on top. This antenna allows the machines to communicate with each other as well as with a fifth canister (the "receiver") that contains a portal stabiliser. The receiver has a simple circular door on the front.

Each of the four fuse machines contains a display of four red lights that light up green every time a fuse is placed inside a vertical cavity on the front.


The fuse machines' purpose is to serve as a vault for the karma stabiliser that is locked into the receiver unit in the angel ruins.

In order to unlock it the four transmitters must be activated by closing their electrical circuits with fuses found in the basement. Each of them serves as lock for the receiver.



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