Theories by user GIR-457.

These are my theories about the Submachine, and how it came to be where it is today.

Human Learning Theory (debunked)

Human Learning Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-03-05
Still alive 2010-03-21
Debunked 2012-11-18

The Submachine may have been an early experiment of Artificial Intelligence. It was built deep underneath the Earth's surface and designed to run automatically. The observatory in the root was created to watch humans and learn from us, but it was not enough. The Submachine eventually added on to itself, creating passages to the outside world (places like the lighthouse) to observe us directly. It also created passages to ancient tombs and labyrinths (places like the ancient section) to learn from our ancient history. The Submachine eventually decided to capture humans and hold them inside of the net so that it could learn from them directly. In order to keep the humans from being inquisitive and exploring other parts of the Submachine, it created games like the basement to enthrall the humans and keep them glued to the computer screen. These games, if played for long enough, would brainwash people.

Murtaugh was one person captured by the Subnet, but he escaped. He tried to distract himself from his experience as a Submachine prisoner by going camping at Kent. He discovered the lighthouse, and a wisdom gem. Murtaugh kept this Wisdom Gem, and somehow injured himself and lost his arm. The wisdom gem healed his would and granted him his Karma Arm. Murtaugh then realized that the Lighthouse was linked to the Submachine, and realized that he must go in and try to destroy it. Murtaugh knew he needed help with this task, and figured out that the Submachine was holding a whole army of prisoners, who would probably be willing to go against the machine that had imprisoned them. Murtaugh set up the lab, and the rest of the Sub 4 areas, as a test of worthiness. Those who could pass the lab test were sent off blindly into the net in order to discover a weakness. One of the people who passed the lab test was Liz, who originally worked with Murtaugh and was later betrayed. She formed her own group against the Submachine.

The Submachine eventually developed a small consciousness, and became capable of small feeling and emotion. It also developed a will to live. When the Submachine determined that all these humans were running amok inside of it, trying to destroy it, the Submachine created its own defense systems. It discovered Murtaugh's lab, and the portal in the lighthouse that linked to it. It separated the portal and lab with the loop, a set of infinite puzzles that will repeat continuously until the player dehydrates, starves, or just goes completely mad. It also realized the importance of its core. Just as the root seems to link all the locations of the Submachine together, the core may do a similar thing with the programs of the Submachine. Should the humans invade the core, they could wipe the entire Submachine's hard drive. It created the edge as a barrier between the subnet areas and the core.

Thus, the Subnet we know so far begins...

Mental Patient Theory (debunked)

Mental Patient Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-03-06
Doubtful 2010-03-21
Debunked 2012-11-18

It is possible that the Submachine Storyline starts with Submachine FLF (you escape from the Submachine's padded prisoner cell and try to regain your memory), and continues with Submachine 0 (you search for an ancient crystal of wisdom). The Wisdom Gem in Submachine 0 may have power to be used like a teleporter. It would send you to the lighthouse, where you would play the submachine game and continue from there.

Just a thought. On the official submachine site <>, FLF and Sub 0 are not connected to the rest of the story, so this theory may be jibberish.

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