For the location in Submachine 7: The Core, see South Garden .


The Knot

The garden is the first area encountered in Submachine 9: The Temple. It acts as an entryway to the pyramid and the temple.

The player goes into the garden after going through the doors in the water pantheon at the end of Submachine 8.


The garden has Southeast-Asian architectural design influences. This is reflected most prominently in the giant elephant statues at the far right.

The garden's main color is a sort of bluish-purple. This is most likely because the sky is a dark purple, and the candles emit a blue light. The garden is made of bricks, much like the water pantheon encountered in Submachine 8. Stacks of tiles can be seen in the distance. The garden also houses brass rods, statues, and a karmic water fountain. The water can be used to fill special brass bowls in the surrounding rooms.

This area first shows signs that Submachine 9 has multiple instances of bilateral symmetry. In the first screen, one candle adorns either side of the main landing area. In the rooms around the center, each has one pillar with a tablet concerning Murtaugh on the left, Elizabeth on the right.

The garden contains a building, overgrown by trees and roots, that the player can enter. The inside of the building is lit in a dark red color, though no light source is seen. The color could be attributed to the bricks of the walls.

Brass pipes can be seen in some of the screens as well.


Garden map

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