Gem Energy Pipes

Gem energy pipe

Power distribution

The gem energy pipes are a type of power line network that operate inside the basement and in areas of the Submachine Universe.


The network consists of pipes that are present in most parts of the basement. These pipes are made from a relatively fragile material, as evidenced by the fact they have shattered on multiple occasions.

Energy harvester

An energy harvester seen in the SubVerse.

Inside the tubes flows a conductive purple liquid. The energy taken from wisdom gems is delivered to machines of the basement through this fluid. To harvest energy from the gems and insert it into the system, a certain machine is required.

This energy can then be used by the machines of the basement, and it can also be transformed into normal electricity that moves through powerlines.

It would seem that the system can be controlled by using valves and cylinders, as seen in Submachine 1.

The network is evidently controlled by the sub-bots, as they regularly inspect facilities with gem energy pipes.

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