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"Layer influenced behavior" theory (debunked)

"Layer influenced behavior" theory
Theory history
Submitted 2013-01-26
Debunked 2014-09-14

Data points:

  • There is only one Mur and one Liz for all layers.
  • There is an answer for each layer if Mur caught Liz.

In Sub8, Mur and Liz are chatting, as if they were just expecting the events. If they were on a chase, why they would stop and chat? and why that happens after a layer change?


If there is only one Mur and one Liz, why the result of their chase would be different in each layer?

One way is if the layers can influence their behavior.


Did Mur caught Liz?

  • Layer 1) He forgave her. (Merciful behavior)
  • Layer 2) He never chased her. (Acceptance behavior)
  • Layer 3) He got to her, and killed her. (Killer behavior)
  • Layer 4) He got to her, but just banished her to somewhere. (Cruel behavior)
  • Layer 5) Never reached her (Weak behavior)
  • Layer 6) Got killed by a trap. (Killer Liz behavior)
  • Layer 7) Got stuck somewhere. (Not so smart behavior)

Addition to the theory, by ENIHCAMBUS:

Every layer could have a meaning, and the behavior of that layer depends of the meaning of that layer.

For example: Layer 5 is the layer of spirit, thus it changes the person behavior to a more spiritual side.

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