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Timeless Theory (debunked)

Timeless Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-06-12
Still alive 2010-12-29
Debunked 2016-11-18

Has it ever really occurred to you that time seems to "stand still" in the submachines, as in nothing ever really moves or happens unless you or someone else tells it to? We have no idea how long the subnet has been around. It's so huge, that if maintenance robots were constantly fixing the entire subnet, we'd be bound to bump in to one sooner or later. The submachine net must have some other maintenance system, and my theory is simply :

The subnet does not age.

But how could this be possible? Einstein proposed a theory, one we all know as the Theory of Relativity. The theory states, among other things, that time's effect weakens as your speed increases. That is to say, time slows down the faster you go. Therefore, if you go as fast as the speed of light, time has no effect on the body that's travelling at this speed, and if you go faster than light, times effect is reversed and you essentially travel back in time.

Now I'm theorizing that the submachine is travelling at, or just under the speed of light. This would lessen or eliminate the needs of maintenance from time on the body, meaning maintenance would only need to be done on things damaged by foreign bodies. I'm not sure if the subnet would be travelling faster than light, as it would go back in time. My spacetime knowledge isn't good enough to know what effect that would have on and in the subnet, but it would explain why the the subnet has absorbed places from so far back in time (for example, ancient section). Now I seriously don't believe that the subnet is some giant spaceship flying around in space, but perhaps it's orbiting something at extremely high speed, or passing through an anomaly.

This brings me to my next point. Perhaps the subnet isn't travelling at light speed, but has either obtained or created some sort of anomaly device that causes the same timeless effects on the subnet. Maybe that's what the wisdom gems are for. The would be used to power a machine that could create this effect, as this machine would require a ton of energy.

This also could answer another, more in-game question. Since we learned at the end of Sub6 that Mur is leading a team of scientists to invade the core of the submachine, there's probably something there they want, or else why would they bother going to all this work to invade the submachine. In corrupting the subnet, they could gain access to this anti-time device. Being able to control time at your fingertips seems like a pretty awesome thing to steal. Mur somehow figured out that this device exists, and plotted and planned to take it.

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