Gun sub7

Weapon, Artillery
Defense from Core invasion

Guns were first seen during Submachine 7: The Core, scattered accross the Sanctuary and the Winter Palace.


The guns are made of dark grey metal and seem to be based on the Soviet DShK Heavy Machine Guns.

So far the guns have always required an adjustable[1] tripod to support them, although they can be detached from the tripods.

The ammo is carried in round cases, which have been seen lying around the guns. In the sanctuary there was also a device that had pipes running to the back of the guns. Although its function is unknown, the device has three levers which have corresponding lights that light up when the levers are pulled.


The labs were set up in the Winter Palace and the Sanctuary to protect the Core from an invasion by Murtaugh.



  1. The tripod in the Sanctuary were seen at two different heights.