Break things, ring brass bells

The hammer is a recurring item used by the player in several games of the Submachine series


The hammer has a yellow-brown handle and a steel head.

Usage in Submachine seriesEdit

The hammer has been used in three Submachine games so far: Submachine 4: The Lab, Submachine 8: The Plan, and Submachine 9: The Temple.

Submachine 4Edit

The hammer is used here to break four things:

  • Lock to the attic, allowing the player to access the research base.
  • Cap on a water pipe, allowing the player to access water.
  • Stone tile, holding a secret.
  • Lock on a turbine cover.

Submachine 8Edit

The hammer is used here to break four objects in layers 3, 5, and 6.

In layer 3, the hammer can be used in two different places to find two different secrets: to smash the dome under the tree, and to smash a floor tile next to the ring post.

In layer 5, the hammer can be used to smash the statue of the cat.

In layer 6, the hammer can be used to smash an opening in the pipe in the furthest-right room at the bottom of the ladder.

Submachine 9Edit

The hammer is used to ring two brass bells, each found at the top of the two spiral staircases. This is the only nonviolent purpose the hammer serves. The only other instance of an object being hit to trigger a musical note is the ringing of the gong in Submachine 7.

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