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Agent Theory (doubtful)

Agent Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-08-23
Doubtful 2012-12-10

This is what I believe are the real Submachine games and in cronological order:

Sub 0, 1 extended, 2, 3, 32 rooms, 4, FLF, 5, 6 and 7.

The Submachine series follows the story of two agents. They both work for Mur. One we follow alot more than the other. This "other" agent is not really speacial except he places the rapture furthur forward. He explores the 32 chambers of sand and he survives. But he was just the average joe agent that worked for Mur. Meanwhile there's a really skilled agent who "accidentily" got hired by Mur. He/she unlike some agents takes note's (including mental notes). This agent is part of the original series.

Different universe theory (debunked)

Different universe theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-08-23
Doubtful 2012-12-10
Debunked 2016-01-13

God made another universe, similar yet different to ours. The difference is that there's a empty space that can be controlled by man... or machine. Physics are also different here. It has to be accessed with portals; either natural or man made. The natural ones are in between the earth, solar system, galaxy or whatever and the empty space. The empty space is filled with air and some moisture. There is no sunlight so the plants that grow are florescent. It also sucks in some of what mankind builds or partially destroys. It also can take in dirt and the objects inside the building. You can also build and do stuff inside it to. On it's own the "Submachine" (the name given to the empty space) is pretty usless unless you do something with it like let's say explore it.

There are five different layers. The core is were a palace, etc was built. The 2nd layer has been made into the edge. The edge is under control of a massive computer (which you shut down). The root has been used for many purposes (this includes a large underground lab used by the same scientists from the winter palace). The 5th layer is growing rapidly. It's unknown why though. It may possibly be the loops.

Now the natural portals require hard thinking and a lot of energy (stored in wisdom gems). This can teleport you to different parts of the world of the "Sub net" (another name for the empty space). So lots of energy+thinking= willing or unwilling teleportation! Without food, water or a way back to civilization you can die in the Sub net (yes there's sin there too). People also get some sort of amnesia there. People can also follow rough trails of other people. This is based on more crude versions of man made portals where the thoughts of the past user is affects were you go. Natural teleportation usually does this. With natural teleportation if it's used to much in a 1km radius then that area of the Subnet can fall apart. This doesn't effect the world. This only happens in the Subnet. With man made portals the thinking factor is removed. This is replaced by a co-ordinates system which still needs to be advanced into the negative numbers (x, y, z).

Pre-1900 history: The people around the world from 3000 BC to 1100 AD used it constantly. Building cool things and such for their pagan gods. Thoth being one of them. It may be possible that he wasn't a pagan god but an angel who gave the Chronon the ability to warp time. Or he's just not real.

The ancients could use energy from brainpower stored in wisdom gems to go places. And tons of energy could be let go into one place. This energy is enough to alter time in that place (usually the area effected was the size of a room). This explains the Chronon and the secret location showing Thoth in Sub: 6. Other than that people just began to loose interest in the Submachine (after all it took some of their stuff and killed some people). So by about c.100 BC only the leaders and governments of nations used it and by c.50 AD it had been lost. It still took stuff and people still identically teleported to it but it was forgotten.

1900 - 1950: A powerful nation then discovered how to teleport short distances. This nation was a monarchy in it's 4th dynasty. Sir Henry OToole helped build the winter palace after the Sub net was rediscovered. This nation sent some scientists to explore the physics in the Subnet. They discovered how to make matter out of thin air and invented a computer that was almost like a human and was armed with this new matter making stuff. The scientists launched it into the Sub net and it has been collecting and making things since. The scientists couldn't map this new layer so they gave up on maintaining the machine. The machine (nicknamed the Submachine or Sub) needed to be repaired by the scientists. So now that they where gone the Sub made Sub bots. It also gained a personality, a want to live and an interest in humans. So it set up places like the Future Loop Foundation so it could study humans. One of the new agents we play as get's caught in this FLF and escapes by natural teleportaion. The amnesia had made him/her forget their past few missions, childhood and even partly their name.

The Sub also wants to protect it's core. This was one of the Submachines uses. So it makes traps to kill like the loop which is exactly that, a loop or maze. Study these things and if they get too close... starve them to death (that is the mentality of the Submachine towards humans). Or maybe the sub bots have weapons attached to them. From what I've found in SNEE they may attack people or just observe them. Sub bots use portals to travel long distances. If a Sub made portal is used by a human it's then abandoned to the elements.

1950 - ?: The art of teleportation is rediscovered and improved on by Mur. He calls the energy+brainpower Karma. He's, in a sense, still discovering things to this day. He at one time belonged to the winter palace scientists. He discovered how to make Karma portals. But since this was the Subnet and not the Lighthouse (where he discovered how to do this) the winter palace began to fall apart, killing his friends. As punishment Mur was buried inside the Lighthouse.

After getting out of the lighthouse and the loop he makes a private company which funded by some other very rich power of the time and starts training and sending agents to the Sub net. This is a very dangerous job. Mur and the government wishes to get to the core. The government will even indirectly murder their own agents to do so. Mur has his order's, get to the core even if it means death. Mur wants revenge. That includes his friend who was in charge of the winter palace lab. You play as two agents at this time.

One goes to the 32 chambers. He sets the rapture/end of the world to a different date. Amnesia then effects this agent and he forgets the last few chambers. He returns to Mur and goes on with life as an agent.

The other agent is maybe an archaeologist and finds the wisdom gem in the final room of Sub: 0. This was an ancient teleportation area. So he/she is then teleported to the basement (wich was an old bomb shelter used by Mur in his early years of study and then lost again for a second time). Then the player is teleported thanks to that wisdom gem to the lighthouse in front of a viewer (like a security camera). It's been souped up by Mur into a video game. This is the lighthouse. With Mur's first materialized portal the player is teleported to the loop. The leaf and stand both have masses of energy. So this teleports the player to the old lab. Eventually after wandering around Mur rescues the player in front of the statue and makes the player into an agent. You are renowned for you skill especially after escaping the FLF. So you request the find the root. Mur decides your the kind of guy to send to the edge. The player then goes to the root, collects the wisdom gems he/she left behind and uses some sort of vehicle to reach the edge. At the edge you find that you've been lied to and that you weren't the first agent here. But the player perseveres and the player is then sent to the core using a portal built for the use of the sub bots.

But Mur has gotten there before you. He has managed to set up defences (made up of several turrets). You then "meet" Liz. She was a leader of the winter palace lab and was one of Mur's only friends. Now Mur is out to kill her. She used an "escape pod portal" to go to layer five. When Mur discovered this he made a super Karma portal to teleport himself to the 5th layer.

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