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Submachine complex theory (doubtful)Edit

Submachine complex theory
Theory history
Submitted 2012-07-21
Doubtful 2016-01-15


In SNEE there is a room with sevrel pictures of spheares.

the sphear is built like this: there is a sentral "core"(like were you are in submachine 7) and there are smaller spheares orbeting it. every small sphear has latters . in my theory the letters are complexes.huge ones witch are built from cubicels (you can see them at submachine 6 when you just start you see a wall built out of white cubes or squares).this is showing that the subnet is like a solar system and the core is acting like the central star and holding all the other planets(complexes) toogether and not letting them fall apart. but the small complexes can act as defence from any intruders wich enter the that the subnet is very efficient and everything in it depends on each other and like that they create a system wich is called the subnet.


now that that is out of the way we can talk about the outer complex and the rodeas of thte subnet. in location 314 on the left side there is a computer screen with a (again) sphear like entity with a line in the center. ecxely on the center there is a dot wich has a line going from it to a point in the (bigger) spheares borders. that might be the green carma portal at the end of submachine 7. logicly you are at the core so you now can only get out of it and not get in like you have done in the past XXX yesrs.but a diffrent line has a curved path that is going from the core to execly the same location as the first line might be a diffrent path probably to go back from the location you are going to.

to strengthen the idea of an other world out-side the submachine (here i am talking about you being still in the submachine alternative universe but you are out-side the main complex)you can see at the same picture at room 314 in the bottom right corner an asian word and a line going in the borders of the sphear that might be the entry point of our humen counterparts.


a posible reason why karma portals can shater the complex they are being used in can be a karma overload the subnet cannot hold or consume so much power in a single moment (i am talking about a lot of power because they are teleporting an living entety throw time a space) so the subnet complex slowly evaporates.


if a complex fails and it is being complitly destroyes by karma portels or for any other things then a "virus" can infiltrait the core and well destroy it. then all the other complexes will be scaterd around the subnet universe.with very bad ways of transportaition from one complex to a notherone.

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