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The human infestation or the human factor is the name used by the System to refer to all humans in the Subnet outside the Core, who it treats like a foreign invader to the subnet.[1]


After the Root was created in 1906, Murtaugh accidentally triggered the uncontrolled growth of the Outer Rim.[2][3] This surrounded the Core with unmapped submachines that weren't properly contained in the Core. Attempts to map this region were made but they were all in vain.[4]

Later Murtaugh fled from the Core, having been buried in his lighthouse by others who couldn't understand his abilities and feared him because his experiments had caused fatalities.[5] When outside the Core, he used his abilities to try and get back. This included exploring the net for 32 years and establishing the research base.[6] He and his team reverse-engineered many machines of the Subnet and made a portal system to transport them around the Outer Rim outside the Core.

There were countless others wandering in the Subnet, such as sunshine_bunnygirl_17. How exactly they got into the Outer Rim and what happened to them is unknown, although many probably died in the harsh environment. Some might be explorers who first tried to map the Outer Rim.

Members of the Human InfestationEdit

Members include anyone exploring the Subnet (Outer Rim), including:

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