ID Card

Keycard target sub6

Allows access to other places

The ID card or keycard is an item which is featured in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse, Submachine 6: The Edge, Submachine 7: The Core, Submachine 10: The Exit, and Submachine: Future Loop Foundation/Submachine: FLF. These cards were originally used by people working in the submachines to activate/deactivate different devices.


Submachine 2: The LighthouseEdit

ID card The ID card is in a film that the player sees when looking through a camera. Clicking on the card will show it appearing outside of the film and on the ground. The card is then used in the portal machine to take the player to the loop.

Submachine 6: The EdgeEdit

Keycard The ID card is used to access the elevator using a card reader.

Submachine 7: The CoreEdit

Code card In this game the ID cards are used for manipulating forcefield emitters' control panels. One of them is used by the player to disable a force field in the sanctuary.

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

ID card The ID card from the lighthouse tower returns when the player revisits it, where it is then revealed to be a captain's ID card. It is used on the captain's ship to access the portable light crown.

Submachine: Future Loop Foundation/Submachine: FLFEdit

Keycard The ID card is in the padded wall which is accessed by the player using the knife to cut it. The card falls out and onto the ground. It can be used in a card reader to access the rest of the ward and the memory bank.

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