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Murt's History Theory (debunked)

Murt's History Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2014-11-30
Debunked 2016-01-13
Location in Subnet

It all started when Murt explored the Ancient Ruins of a temple in Sub0. He wanted to investigate this ruin because rumor has it there is a powerful source of power hidden inside that could lead you into another world. Murt found the gem and used it as a lucky charm and brought it with him wherever he went.

When Murt visited The Lighthouse, he lost his arm in a fishing incident under the waterfall. While exploring The Lighthouse, he accidentally found the link between The Lighthouse and The Subnet, which at that time was very weak. The Wisdom Gem exploded in a burst of Karma, zapping The Link and Murt's missing arm and formed a portal. He saw a bright flash of light that temporarily flash-blinded him. Once he regained his sight, he found that the Wisdom Gem was missing! But he also found that he had an invisible arm. After experimenting with this strange phenomenon, he realized that he could create portals with his arm. He deduced that the Wisdom Gem fell into a portal while he was flash-blinded. But he didn't know where it could've ended up. But little he knew that the portals he created were sinking The Lighthouse ever so deeper into the SubZone. He continued experimenting with his Karma Arm, he called his new arm. He decided that he wanted to find the Wisdom Gem again. If the Wisdom Gem could give him a portal-creating arm, think about what else it could do! He thought about the possibilities. He knew he wanted all that power. The portals he created didn't seem to be strong enough to get him anywhere far, let alone zap him into another dimension. He needed a bigger energy source, something like the Wisdom Gem. But that's the reason he's the is trying to build a portal. To get to the Wisdom Gem. He looked up, hoping that the answer is somehow up there. Luckily, it was. He set his sight's on The Lighthouse's lightbulb. All that light energy... if only he could somehow harness and transform it into Karma, then he could twist it up and stretch it out and create some sort of Super-Portal. He did a lot of studying and experimenting with his Karma Arm, which he presumed creates Karma on it's own, and thus can never run out of Karma. Eventually he gave up and ran out of ideas. He needed to make sure a mind almost as superior as his could be worthy to use the Super-Portal. But once he found a stray black cat. He named him Einstein. He found that Einstein could create portals of his own as well. One day he disappeared. Well, that gave him an idea. He made up a secret code that only the smartest could discover. He used this as a security code. Using his Karma Arm and the light power of The Lighthouse, he was able to build the Super-Portal. But he needed to find something to help power the Super-Portal. He created a Positive and Negative Coil to help power the Super-Portal. All the fuses were nice and straight. And as an additional form of security, Murt included an ID Card slot. Only valid ID Cards were permitted. He turned on the Super-Portal, and ZAP!

But he made one mistake. He forgot to include a stabilizer. He underestimated how powerful the Super-Portal was. It blasted out one of the fuses, and blew away the Coils, zapped away the ID Card, and reset the security code. Plus, The Lighthouse submerged way below the ground. When Murt landed and found The Loop, he knew he had to get out. Right in the level before he would've fell infinitely through The Loop, he realized he was making a big mistake and left a note for whoever would also land there. He then developed a Teleporter to escape. He didn't know where it would lead to, all he knew was that it would get him out of there. He used the Teleporter and landed on the roof of The Lab. He found The Lab was abandoned and used it to study more about the SubNet and try to find that Wisdom Gem. He developed a better, more stabilized Portal that could zap him mostly anywhere he wanted to in the SubNet at long as he had the 3-digit coordinates to get there. But he wasn't successful in finding the Wisdom Gem.

Several years later, he discovered you. When your adventure led you to The Edge, he somehow was able to find his way to the Outer Core and waited until the defenses were lowered. Then he started in for the attack.

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