Theories by Jomar Mendoza.

Layer 1 departure

Possible Submachine 8 Plot (debunked)

Possible Submachine 8 Plot
Theory history
Submitted 2011-01-11
Debunked 2012-11-28

The player found Liz after he reaches layer 5 and Liz gives Einstein to the player to help create karma portals when he only needed (to prevent disorder) when the player (more info soon).

Subnet was a server theory (debunked)

Subnet was a server theory
Theory history
Submitted 2012-01-14
Debunked 2012-11-28

It is possible that the subnet was a server created by Mur.


1. Game transfers player to subnet

2. Can breathe without oxygen

Possible ship confront theory (debunked)

Possible ship confront theory
Theory history
Submitted 2016-01-17
Debunked 2016-01-17

Other involved's Course

Ship confront theory other

Mur's Course

Ship confront theory Murtaugh

Liz's Course

Ship confront theory Elizabeth

Liz assistant's Course

Ship confront theory assistant

This is how Mur's invasion to Liz's ship probably happened in the events before Sub7.

Liz saw Mur and the other involved and they had guns. She then run all the way from her cabin ( third floor) to the escape pod ( ground floor ). She removed the light bulb ( X on Liz's course) to fool Mur ( he couldn't tell if the escape pod was there or not. She didn't escaped, she just warned the people on Layer 5. Mur and the other involved arrived by the capsule and began an assault mission. The Liz's assistant tried to protect herself by locking him(her)self in Liz's cabin. Mur tried to open the door ( third X in other involved course ) but gave up. Instead, he created a karma portal to get from the ladder under Liz's cabin to inside Liz's cabin.Afterwards, Liz's assistant started to fight Mur ( X in Mur's course ) but Mur won. Mur then make Liz's assistant an hostage and creates the big green portal. The threes escaped by it. Liz's came back ans saw her assistant missing, she went by the big green portal to rescue him(her) and Mur waited for her. When Liz arrived, Mur killed her and no one could stop him to take over the core!

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