Karma Portal Stand

Karma portal stand

Holds a stable karma portal

A karma portal stand (abbr. "KPS") is a device that creates and/or maintains stabilized karma portals, which enables the player to visit locations without causing damage to the surrounding areas. They are seen in Submachine 9: The Temple, Submachine 10: The Exit, and Submachine Universe.

KPS designs range in complexity. The section below arranges karma portal stands from least complex to most complex.

General SubVerse KPSsEdit

KPSs in the SubVerse generally take on the shape of a brass pole with a brass stablilizing ring. These are the most basic of stand shapes, and also probably the weakest since one is shown destroyed in the quiet rooms.

Temple/Nataraja room KPSsEdit

The temple and the Nataraja room contain slightly more complex KPSs that hold green karma portals. Usually the basic ring-and-post design is built into another object, for example a wall fitting or a table with candle holders.

Watchtower KPSEdit


Another prototype of a karma portal stand can be found outside the Watchtower. It is used to stabilize a karma portal from the Error room that is the only way of entering the location.

In contradiction to the design of the portal stand in Submachine 10 it uses 12 light bulbs instead of portal stabilizers. What looks like a power source below the metal ring is very likely a controller or distributor (see Watchtower) as its plugged into a thick power cable of some sort.

[Possible speculation]: Edit

Bearing in mind the experiments in the Karma studies facility the blue light emanting from the bulbs might not stablise the karma portal itself but merely reassemble the particles in its vicinity continously. The concept works as well as the portal stablisers but obviously needs far more energy that needs to be supplied externally.

Submachine 10 KPSsEdit

There are several versions of extremely complex portal stands found in Submachine 10, but they all are equipped with 8 portal stabilizers to prevent any damage to the surroundings. Although all are powered with karmic energy, the energy source can only be seen nearby those in the angel ruins and the meditation temple. In the karma studies facility, vector finders are used as another modification.

Locations of karma portal stands:

Karma portals within KPSs rotate differently from unstabilized karma portals. A normal karma portal's rings rotate slower the further they are from the center. A portal within a stand rotates the opposite way, with the rings rotating faster the further they are from the center.

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