Karma Stabiliser

Karma stabiliser

Restores the damage done by karma portals

The karma stabiliser is an item appearing in Submachine 10: The Exit.


Empty karma stabiliser

An empty stabiliser.

The karma stabiliser is a small metal canister with a large handle. It stores karma in a format that allows for karma portals to be rearranged, or "undone". When the stabiliser is empty or uncharged, a window on the front appears black. When it is charged, the window glows blue.

Stabiliser charger

A stabiliser charger setup in a separate lab.

The charging station for a karma stabiliser is protected by a security clearance gate. The actual mechanism consists of a metal cage that surrounds a tank full of modified karma. The stabiliser can be placed on a charging plate and filled when needed.


The portal stabiliser is used to restore karma portals to a state where they can be used. Note that this does not completely undo the damage done by a placed karma portal; it only returns the immediate area to a state where it may be used again. If a karma portal was used too many times and rendered the surrounding area completely unstable (often characterized by several chunks of material floating about an empty point or a faint blue dot, the portal stabiliser can fix this.

The stabiliser helps guide the player to spots that can be restored by shining bright blue whenever the player is near a spot. The player can then scan the spot for pieces of material that will also glow bright blue, signaling that they still contain enough karma to be restored.


After Murtaugh was rescued by and reconciled with Elizabeth, he returned to his karma studies facility to research ways to undo karma portal damage. He re-structured an entire portion of his lab to this research. The research included the setup of several test sites to explore the full properties on both a tangible and a microscopic scale.

Murtaugh finally developed the stabiliser, which was the first device that could successfully reverse the damage done by placing a raw portal. His excitement was only capped by the realization from Elizabeth that the subnet itself had already begun to rebuild itself during his studies.

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