Knife sub4

Cutting wires, strings, stitched cloth

The knife is a tool that is used in Submachine 4: The Lab and Submachine: Future Loop Foundation/Submachine: FLF.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

Knife sub4 The knife in Sub4 consists of a yellow metallic blade and a handle with a brown strap. It is used in two different locations in Sub4.

Ancient sectionEdit

In the ancient section, the knife is used to cut a string. After the string is cut, the player can collect a tile hanging off of the end of the string.


After unscrewing a panel in the ship, the player can use the knife to cut the two revealed wires to make a ladder descend.

Submachine: Future Loop FoundationEdit

Knife subflf In Submachine: Future Loop Foundation, a knife can be found in the side of the padded room in the ward. The knife here is small with a short silver-colored blade and a green handle. The player can use the knife to cut one of the stitches on the wall of the padded room to reveal a keycard.