Large Sewers

L4 sub8

Version of location
Layer 4

The large sewers is the fourth-layer version of the location in Submachine 8: The Plan.


This zone consists of a group of cylindrical sewer tubes, made of a bronze-like metal and covered by some kind of green mold, vertically arranged and connected by horizontal pipes and stairs made of the same metal. Some of them are flooded with dirty water, which can be drained by the player to allow further exploring. There are also smaller vertical pipes, one inside each sewer, alternating the left and right positions for contiguous sewers, implying they are connected.

There seems to be some sort of mechanism that powers various elements in this location (such as a circular beamer) which needs a fuse (found in the dock) to work. There are at least five sewers in this area, whose upper part is sealed by a metallic grating. The central one is a bit longer than the others, allowing access to a new scene with the fuse slot that is necessary to progress throughout the location.


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